Flagship smartphones are expected to come with a lot of advanced features and LG G4 is definitely no exception to this rule. It was launched this year with major overhauls this year, mainly in three spheres. Improvisations can be noticed in the design and screen of the phone, and along with that an improvised camera has been also integrated in the phone. From a distance the G Flex curve of the phone would be visible to the onlooker which definitely adds on magnificence to the gadget. This flagship phone has the most advanced camera up to date. And the leather back cover of the phone, which is optional, makes the phone appear chic.

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Let’s start with

LG G4 Specs and Features

  • Slight curve screen with optional leather back covers
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 chipset with Hex core processor, Adreno 418 GPU and 3GB RAM
  • Android 5.1 Lollipop OS with LG UX v4.0 tweaks
  • 5”QHD Quantum Display IPS LCD, 534ppi and Gorilla Glass
  • 16MP primary camera with laser autofocus, dual LED flash, OIS and 2160p video recording
  • 8MP secondary camera with 1080p video calling
  • 32GB built in memory and with expandable card slot
  • Dolby mobile sound improvement
  • 3000mAh battery
  • IR PORT and NFC
  • Micro USB 2.0 with slim port 4K
  • Active noise reduction with the help of secondary microphone
LG G4, LG G4 preview


The USP of the Phone

LG G4’s camera is definitely the most attractive feature of the phone. This phone is integrated with an advanced 16MP sensor, an improvised OIS, lens with wider aperture, a much better front camera for clicking awesome selfies and lot of new software that will be help in customizing settings while clicking photos.

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LG G4 has a chic design as well. The screen is slightly curved which compliment the big size of the screen. The optional back cover is of very high quality. It is made from finest quality leather and imported German thread.

It comes with one of a kind display which LG refers to as ‘Quantum Display’. This technology is not used in any of the present flagship phones and the best part is while users it will have better brightness, color accuracy and contrast, it will require lesser amount of power.

This smartphone strikes a perfect balance as it has both style and panache along with superior features. Therefore, it is definitely going to give a strong competition to all its contemporaries of 2015.

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Dimension, Design and Build of LG G4

This smartphone measures 148.9×76.1×9.8mm. In comparison to LG G3 it is slightly bigger in size but the because of the slightly curved screen of the latest model, the bigger size of the phone would not be visible. LG G4 has many similarities with LG G Flex2 look wise, but there are some differences as well. Firstly, Flex2 curve was much more prominent in comparison to LG G4 and Flex2 didn’t sport a leather cover like LG G4. Unlike LG G3’s rounded corners, LG G4 comes with squared corners that give the users a better grip over the phone. Though this is a large phone, but users would not feel it because of its curvaceous body and angular edges that give users a better grip over the phone.

Prospective buyers will have two choices of back covers. Plastic back covers come in three designs i.e. metallic grey or gold or ceramic white. The ceramic white cover has a ceramic coat, while the metallic grey or gold has a diamond pattern. Secondly, LG G4 also has a leather cover which is being tanned by vegetable oil and German thread is used to stitch the leather which makes this version of the phone a bit more pricy. There are three variants of the leather back cover: black, red and brown. The phone looks quite simple from the front side, excepting for the presence of the usual sensors and the powerful front camera.

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Processor of LG G4

LG G4 is powered by Qualcomm’s 64 bit 808 Snapdragon processor clocked at 1.8GHz speed. This is a one of the weaknesses of this phone as all the contemporaries of LG G4 are powered by a much more advanced 810 Snapdragon processor. This processor has two Cortex A57 in the big cluster and four Cortex A53 cores in the small cluster. Moreover, it has Adreno 418 GPU which is not really compatible with QHD screen. However, our previous experience has made it clear that 810 Snapdragon is well suited for short but exhaustive work. So that might be the reason for opting 808 Snapdragon as this processor is suitable for usual performance and browsing.  However, we cannot deny the fact that Adreno 418 is not suitable for QHD, specially when the users are playing games in their phone or watching videos.

Operating System

LG G4 is powered by Android Lollipop which is one best Android platform that we have seen yet. The clean and uncomplicated user interface of this operating system has been praised by all users. However, the tweaks introduced by LG in this clean user interface has made it really complicated which is totally uncalled for. It will be really difficult for the users to get a hang of the way it works.

Display of LG G4

The developers at LG have really worked hard to keep their promise of introducing a bigger and better QHD display measuring 5.5”. The new smartphone has a Quantum display. This technology has been adopted from LG’s DCI which is used in TVs and thereafter attuned to fit in LG G4. Integration of this technology would mean colors on the display will be much better and accurate and with better contrast. As far as LG G4’s display is concerned, we would definitely give a thumbs up for that. However, there is need to work on the brightness of the screen as it is quite dim at 50%. But the screen of the phone is much less reflective which makes it possible to view things on it in daylight.

LG G4 Battery

LG G4 is driven by 3000mAh battery, the one which was also present in its two predecessors. While it worked wonderfully for G2, it definitely does not meet up with the level of energy consumption of the G4. This phone drains a lot of battery even when it is on standby and talk time test revealed that LG G4 can survive for 17 hours max. This was a major disappointment with the phone, specially when we compare it with its predecessors. The web browsing time supported by this phone was quite better, if not spectacular.


G4 sports the most advanced connectivity suite. The 4G LTE and 3G HSPA+ present in LG G4 are suitable for 4G and 3G coverage respectively. The WiFi 802.11 will help users to connect the phone with your home’s Wifi router. Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC can be used for streaming different kinds of files. The phone is also equipped with IR Blaster and QRemote app that can control projectors, ACs and other gadgets at your home.

Camera of LG G4

Of all the flagship smartphones that have been reeased this year or last year, LG G4 definitely has the best camera. Images captured with this phone are crystal clear and vivacious, all thanks to the advanced ½.6” sensor with 16MP screen resolution that is placed behind a wider f/1.8 lens that lets in a more light and thereby enhances picture quality. The OIS works on three axis and laser autofocus comes with color spectrum sensor that helps in maintaining white balance. To match with the advanced camera specifications, many improvements have been brought about in the phone’s software as well. Users can click images in three modes i.e. simple, basic and manual. In the manual mode the users have the full liberty to customize the features of the phone to get better results. Moreover, the camera has a better range and colors captured are lively. Picturesque panoramas can be also shot using this gadget.

Photo, Video and Music Player apps

The Gallery app of G4 has a new feature called Memories that lets users store photos and videos in a timeline. There is also option for locking photos by password and editing photos with Google’s photo app. The video app of LG G4 also works perfectly and has all the necessary options like play, pause, rewind, forward and a slider. It supports more or less all the file formats. Some subtitles are also supported on the phone. The uniqueness of G4’s music app is that it syncs songs from the users cloud accounts as well as DLNA devices and play it with the aid of this app. The equalizer of this app is quite brilliant. The quality of audio was great when we turned on the loud speaker, but when the headphones plugged in sound quality declined.

LG G4 price and Availability

April 29, 2015 is fixed for Korea release which will be followed by U.K. and U.S. release in June. With contract, the LG G4 price is stated to be around $199.

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Our Take

There is no denying the fact that LG G4 came with grand improvements over its predecessor LG G3, both look and specification wise. The leather or plastic cover, slightly curved shape and the improved camera of the phone is definitely going to floor millions of fans all over the world.

Though the manufacturers have not chosen the most advanced chipset available in the market right now for its flagship phone, we are sure it had solid reasons to do so. The 808 Snapdragon chipset is performing well in the phone, but the GPU is compatible with the high tech screen of LG G4. The camera of the phone is simply superb and video quality is also good.

However, there are some drawbacks which we cannot ignore. First amongst them is: buyers would be a bit disappointed after unboxing the phone as it contain a simple charging unit and no headphone. The plastic back cover is not suitable for a flagship phone, and we are not really sure about the quality of the leather covers. The quantum display is great but makers have to work on the brightness of the phone. Shelf life of the phone is not good.

All in all we must agree that LG G4 is a great phone with advanced features. It is a tough contender available in the market right now. We were really impressed with its overall performance.

LG G4 release date

the most awaited phone Lg G4 is going to launch event on April 28 in different countries like London, New York, Paris, Singapore, Istanbul and so on. Well nothing can be better than this for LG lover that there wait will over soon.

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