So you have bought yourself a LG G4 – that’s very good. Now you need a case to keep your newly purchased phone safe and free from accidental drops and scratches, then you need to invest in a LG G4 case. In this article, we’ll discuss 10 best G4 cases so you could pick anyone of them.

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List of 10 Best LG G4 cases

Otterbox Symmetry Series Case for LG G4

Available LG G4 case at only $39.94, the Symmetry Series Case for LG G3 offers both style and protection. The body of the case is wrapped with a shock-absorbent honeycombed core, made with rubber. It also has a hard polycarbonate outer shell which makes it fairly easy to install G4 inside it and even easier to slip the case into the wallet or the pocket. The streamlined design delivers the case extra protection from drops and its sleek edges allow users full access to the display while keeping the touchscreen safe.


Spigen Air Cushion Dual Layer Protective LG G4 Case

It’s a slim armor case and designed specifically to offer G4 an all-round protection. The case is made of thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU. It features excellent shock absorption on the corners, top and bottom. The double layer of the case is made of polycarbonate other than TPU. Additional protection is given to G4 through the form-fitted design. The opening of the speaker is designed magnificently so its functionality could be fully utilized without having to reduce its sound quality. The case is shock-absorbent and available at only $14.99. It’s a budget case.


Hyperion Titan 2-piece Hybrid Protective Case for LG G4

If you’ve shelled out almost all your money buying G4 and now hoping for a miracle, then here’s some good news for you. Your prayer has been heard, the Hyperion Titan 2-piece Hybrid Protective LG G4 case is as cheap as it gets. Priced at only $5.99, the case protects the phone from all types of scratches and sudden drops. The corners inside the case have a material that resemble cushion. The material offers additional protection. The honeycomb design can be found at the back of the phone that prevents it from slipping through your hands. The buttons and the ports are easily accessible.

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Verus Extra Slim Fit Dual Layer LG G4

This LG G4 case has two layers; one made of polycarbonate and the other is made of TPU. The two layers offer excellent protection sudden drops. The cover of the hard shell is complete with luxurious matte coating. The edges of the case are accented with glossy coating and offer a comfortable and natural grip. As a user, you’ll never have any problem with wielding the case. The streamlined design on the body and PC shell on the outer surface can be separated so users could experiment with different styles and match various contrasting colors. The case costs only $14.99, which makes it a super affordable one.

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Kayscase Armor Box LG G4 Cover Case

Yet another affordable case – the Kayscase Armor Box is available at only $11.99. The case offers two layers of protection; one through thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and the other through a Polycarbonate (PC) shell that’s outside and comes with a kickstand. The design is visually enticing; it resembles the shell of a turtle. Full protection from scratches, dirt, bumps and shocks are guaranteed if you are using Kayscase Armor Box. The ports and buttons are aptly cut so users enjoy convenience.

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Piel Frama FramaSlim Case

The high-end spectrum of the market should also be acknowledged. The FramaSlim Case belongs to this market. The manufacturing company Piel Frama are esteemed for making folio style Smartphone cases. The FramaSlim Case sports top quality calfskin with a suction pad inside it, which can be used to hold G4 rightly in its place. The LG G4 case provides precise openings for the camera and the ports. The users can even receive calls while the case is being closed. The lining in the inside is very soft. The case comes at a price of $62.

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MediaDevil Leather Pouch

The company called MediaDevil operates out of UK and specializes in making pouches with genuine leather. Since handmade, the leather pouch will fit G4 aptly. The screen protector needs to have separate room, that’s all. The look and feel of the leather is simply stupendous. The stitching is perfect and there’s a wide range of product categories in different stitching styles and colors. Priced at $32, the case is not a cheap option but won’t burn a hole in your wallet either.

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Diztronic TPU Case

If you want a simple case at a pocket-friendly price, then this one is right for you. The bendable TPU layer can absorb shock and offer durability. The TPU layer also makes the case light and thin. Wielding the case is very easy. On the front-side, you’ll find an edged lip for the prevention of damage to the phone’s screen. So even if your LG G4 falls face down on the ground, it can still avoid damages. The matte finish removes traces of fingerprints at the back. The case comes only at $10 and a wide variety of colors.

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LG Quick Circle Case

Yet another expensive case, but since this one is coming from LG, you can shell out $50. The case has a round window, it’s apt considering G4’s dimensions. The case sports a folio style which functions as a back cover replacement and keeps the profile slim. The case comes in five different color varieties; white, pink, blue, gold and black. App support for a wide range of functionalists such as phone, camera, music, email and pedometer are available. The case also offers easy access to the phone’s ports and buttons and comes at different color options and classic round clock faces. The cherry on the cake is it enables G4 wirelessly chargeable.

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Trident Aegis Case

Available at a price of $35, the Aegis Case from Trident will keep your G4 secure. The case is tough and renders an excellent protection to your phone, but the case is not bulky and you won’t have trouble carrying it. The case meets military drop standard protection as the silicone inner in a polycarbonate shell inside it keeps the phone totally safe. The case comes with a screen protector and ensures a firm grip. The case also has dust filters and seamless access to the buttons and the ports.

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