Announcement of LG G4 Not Likely In MWC 2015

MWC or Mobile World Congress is generally filled with various manufacturers who are eager to launch their brand new smartphones. With manufacturers like Samsung and HTC gearing up to show off their latest devices on 1st and 2nd March respectively, we also expected LG to showcase its latest flagship mobilephone at the MWC 2015. As the rumours regarding the newbie from LG were seeping at a large scale, many of you might have been hoping to get a glimpse of the G4 in a month’s time. The previous products by the same brand, G2 and G3 were embraced with a warm response that made its manufacturer to enjoy a fair market share that rose from a typical 4% to over a 6% in the global market. The experts opine that the market share of LG would go even further after the release of its upcoming flagship handset. This is mainly because the G series Smartphones have made LG an active player in the market and hence people have become very eager to lay their eyes on its latest flagship creation. However, it looks like LG has other plans as a publication in Korea has claimed that it will launch G4 at the MWC 2015.


Reports reveal that this new addition to G series of LG would arrive with a powerful Quad HD Display along with a RAM of 3GB. In addition the flagship mobilephone is expected to have Android 5.0 while supporting a resolution of 5312 X 2988 pixel. This also leads to the expectation that it will have a wider rear camera of 16 MP. This would be a great feature if LG considers of including this specification in G4’s camera as it would be a big thing from the LG G3 mobile phone’s shooter with 13 MP.

According to the reports of the a Korean publication that were out today, an executive of LG has stated that their firm will not launch LG G4 at the MWC that is held this year. According to his statement to the publication, he stated that “They have rolled out their previous device G3 during May month in 2014. So they did not have the plan to launch their LG G4 at the Mobile World Congress this year and they intend to make their new device much perfect in this period.” Through this statement of the executive we know that the electronics giant LG is planning to use this additional time gap in making its new device a perfect one.

Well, it’s true that we are a bit disappointed that we will not see the LG G4 at the dawn of MWC 2015 but we are happy that LG at least confirmed the name of the much awaited mobilephone officially. We must also wait until the late spring for the launch of this flagship phone of LG. Hence, we can happily conclude that within this brief period, Qualcomm would have gobbled up the kinks of Snapdragon 810, which indicates that G4 can arrive with a latest chipset to conquer the market.

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