Best drones for Android Smartphones

Drones are now the new cool all around. You have everyone flying them around you,; from amateurs to the well trained pilots; from security purpose for celebrities to those in prisons; they will be found everywhere!

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There are some companies which have already begin to test drones for delivery purpose as well. There are many drones available in the market, each of them having their own features and also some have a good list of pro active features.

You have a drone for every activity and almost all the needs. Here is a list of the few best drones for your needs!

1. Skeye Pico Drone

Available at just £40, the drone claims to be the smallest of all and inspite of being a micro fit into your hands when you fly, the precision it has as well as the 6 axis flight control is something to be relied well upon.

This drone doesn’t only fly, it has some tricks to do as well. It can manage to do flips, spins as well as all those jazzy aerial dives. The LED lights don’t only help you fly the drone it dark, but they also make it look like a cute small thing flying away!

The Skeye Pico Drone take just half an hour to charge and can fly up in the air for 8 minutes with the controller being 50 metres away from the device.

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2. Parrot Bebop

Available at £450, this is indeed one of the best available drones from Bebop. The drone is meant for actually list in between the professional kind of drone and the toy ones.

Parrot Bebop has an amazing camera with 1080p and can be connected with Smartphones and tablets. The price that you are paying is actually for the very basic equipment; to have a controller along with some extension, you need to invest more to it.

The drone allows you to fly outdoors as well as indoor and it also does tricks at the same time. The battery of the drone will last for as long as 10 mins when used fir real time.

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3. Dromida Ominus FPV

Priced at £135, the drone offer ominus FPV for everyone who wishes to fly quadcopters at a low price.

The drone has HD camera to offer and will feed it directly on to your mobile which will also be used as your controller. This basically means that you can fly your drone around the place with better ease.

The Ominus FPV comes in blue, red, green or yellow and can work with iOS as well as Android.

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4. Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition Quadricopter

This is on the above 200 range and it is charged at £245 and is the first company to come up with drones which are well suited for business.

The quadricopter can be controlled via Wi-Fi making use of the app that is available on your Smartphone and tablets. You can as well make use of joysticks and it is as well capable of automated take off, land and hover around. Also, there is a button for a flip of 360 degrees.

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That was all on the best drones available for your Android! Happy flying!

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