Common iOS 11 Problems and How To Fix Them

iOS 11 is the 11th major update of operating system by Apple Inc. There are many problems that come in front and these are the most common one that the apple users are facing. First of all, in the iOS 1o the notification is still beaten by the android, some 3d touch works wrongly and the iPad needs more features to get compatible with the iOS 11. As we all know with every new update, the pros and cons are very comm0n. If something have many merits so it may be possible that it has some demerits also. Similarly the ios 11 also have many merits as well as some demerits also.


These were some of the common problems that are present in ios 10 and might be there in ios 11 too:

Battery drain

Battery draining is one of the biggest issue with the ios 10 update. And if you are facing the same issue then you must try these tips to fix them.

  • Delete Battery draining apps: there are many apps in our phones that are not good for the battery. You can check in setting >>battery and there you can easily see that which of the application are uses what amount of battery percentage.
  • Location services: location services also consume a huge amount of battery percentage, so try to off the location services when they are not in need.
  • Adjust screen brightness: this is what everyone knows about, setting high level of brightness also tends to battery draining. I do not say that opt it to 1 level but set it according to your needs
  • Turn off raise to wake: turning off the raise to wake feature is also very beneficial in case of battery draining as this is the feature which always running even after you put your phone aside.

Mail app not working

With the update of ios 10, this issue is came into existence that after updating to ios 10,email accounts used in the mail app may stop receiving new mails and shows the error message that “your password is incorrect”or the email appears as a blank white page. Also re-entering the password does not fix that white blank screen issue.

You can fix this by:

  • Going to the settings >>mail and inside the threading section ,you can turn off complete threads.
  • Remove all the affected email accounts and re-enter them again.
  • If you are accessing multiple email accounts, you can turn off the mail toggle for each of the account, it will improve the app’s performance.

Siri does not work

After updating to ios 10, siri feature that is the most popular feature of iphones does not work properly. Most of the time the phone does not reply to the voice command i.e.”Heyy Siri”. But there is no problem while using the Siri feature by pressing the home button. The only issue with the siri is in the voice in order to fix it you can go through with these :

  • Make sure that the “Heyy Siri” feature is enabled. You can check this by going into settings>Siri.
  • You can try to reset your settings by going into settings>general>reset>reset all settings.
  • If the Bluetooth is on, try to turn it off and then try Siri again.

Cannot connect to pc or mac running itunes

With the new ios 10, some people are facing the probem that their devices are not being recognize by their computer when connected via USB and the other devices that are not updated to ios 10 connecting easily without any in order to resolve this problem go through with these tips:

  • Make sure that you are using the updated version of itunes.
  • If are using mac then you need to be running OS x version 10.9.5 or later to get better support with ios and itunes.
  • Check your firewall and make sure its not interfering with the sync.


ios 11 might not have any big issues, these are some of the most commonly problems that the users may face. I wish this will help you to get over the similar type of issues.

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