Top 5 Most Anticipated Features in LG G4

Is LG following the footsteps of Sony?” That was the question that struck many when LG released G2 successor two months ago. G2 was released in September 2013. As another device from the G series got released in less than a year, industry observers started comparing LG with Sony.


LG is now reportedly up for releasing G4, giving the observers a reason to try to justify the comparison. However, users aren’t interested in such comparisons; they just want their wish list to be presented to LG. We’ve asked our readers what they expect from LG G4. Replies that we’ve received are pretty fascinating. If we are to sum them up, there are five features that users want to see in G4.

New Android OS

Both G2 and G3 run on Android 4.4 KitKat. G2 was initially released with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and later upgraded to 4.4. Users want a break now. Especially because the industry is afloat with rumors on the next Android version. The next version of Android will be 4.5 or 5.0. It will be called Android Lollipop. The release date of Lollipop is not yet fixed. Rumors indicate it will release in fall 2014. G4 will not release before that. So we can expect G4 to be equipped by the next version of Android.

Water and dust resistance

Sony Xperia Z3 and Galaxy Note 4 are two devices released in recent time. Both devices are water-resistant and dustproof. By the time LG will drop G4 from its arsenal, dust and water resistance will become benchmark for high-profile handsets. Now LG has always been least bothered about such credentials. But as both Sony and Samsung received countless accolades for making their devices dust and water resistant, G4 will not survive the competition if it lacks any of these features. It’s a logical guess as well as an expectation therefore that G4 will provide resistance from dust and water.

Efficient battery

Both G2 and G3 have surprisingly good battery life. But the day we cease to expect…anyways, the point is we expect a more improved battery in G4. Previous G series devices had 3000mAh battery with panel self refresh system to conserve battery life. We expect G4 to increase its battery capacity.

Much depends on the screen size. G3 had a 5.5 inch screen and the 3000mAh battery was sufficient to load apps and enable proper display. As we don’t have information on G4’s screen size, it’s difficult to anticipate the battery capacity.


G3 had 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor. LG G4 should be equipped with 64-bit processor. iPhone 6 will probably hit the stores before G4’s release and will have a very powerful processor. So a 64-bit processor is a must for LG. Problem is the technology hasn’t arrived for Android devices yet. The good news is Android Lollipop will support 64-bit processor and two of Snapdragon processors, 805 and 810 have already been announced by Qualcomm.

Affordable price point

Even a device with advanced features, apposite screen size, powerful processor and latest Android version will fail to penetrate into the Smartphone market if it’s not cheap. LG needs to remember there are other Android devices with almost all specs that G4 could offer. If those devices prove more affordable than G4, G4 won’t be sold in volumes as LG expects.
Only time can tell whether LG will indeed equip G4 with the said features. As we don’t know the release date yet, we have nothing to do other than to wait. Web heated up with LG G5 rumors, stay with us for more updates.

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