Is iOS 11 Going to be Unveiled at the WWDC?

Rumors have been making rounds regarding the latest software that Apple is all set to roll out on the market at some point in time this year. And perhaps finally we have got some confirmed news related to release date of the most of the electronic gadgets that are going to be launched this year as well as the software that will come out this year. iOS 11 is the one we are going to talk about here.


Apple finally came out with the announcement a few hours back that the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017 is going to be held from June 5 and will go on until June 9. And that has provided the followers with enough hints that iOS 11 will be rolled out onto the market during the event. But iOS 11 enabled handsets are definitely not going to hit the market before the month of September which will make the tech enthusiasts wait for few more days even after the unveiling of the features of the software.

As we talk about the features of the Apple iOS 11, it must be mentioned that it is going to incredibly incredible. Well, that’s a known fact because we are dealing with the upcoming software from the house of Apple, world’s one of the leading companies in the field of technology. How it is going to be different from its previous operating system that is the thing which remains to be seen.

One of the biggest changes, which is believed to appear with the Apple iOS 11 is the fact that the ‘Home’ button of the Apple iPhone running on the latest software will perhaps have no relevance. That hints at the fact that Apple iPhone 8 is going to give away the ‘Home’ button which is placed at the front of the device. Rumors are making rounds for quite a long time that the next-gen iPhone will come out devoid of the physical ‘Home’ button and if the above-stated rumor turns out to be true, the one about the iPhone will also come true. That sounds pretty exciting for the fans who are eagerly waiting for the official news on the features of the Apple iOS 11. Although this is something that is not official, there are high chances that this feature will be a part of the latest edition of the software from the Cupertino-based smartphone developer.

The reports also claim that instead of the ‘Home’ button, the Apple iOS 11 is going to bring in a special ‘function area’ which will work as a possible replacement for the ‘Home’ button. Also, reports are there that the Apple iOS 11 will also come with support for the Iris scanner which if turns true will bring in a new security feature.

However, these are all speculations, and we have to hold on for a bit to get the official confirmation which might arrive, as we have said earlier, during the WWDC which is scheduled to take place in the month of June this year. Until then we just have to wait patiently.

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