LG G4 Makes Its Way to India

LG G4, LG’s flagship gadget for the year 2015 was at last launched in India on 21st June. The event was hosted at Mumbai’s NSCI Sports Complex in the presence of the veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan. The latest flagship from the house of LG is pretty pricy owing to its advanced features and premium styling. One variation of LG G4 comes with premium quality leather back cover thus giving it the same look and feel as that of the niche leather bags from renowned brands.

Buy in india ( 44,990 INR)

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The LG G4 dual SIM phone is available in India bearing a price tag of 51,000 INR in the retail shops. Whereas, in the online shops the same product is available at a discounted price of 44,990 INR. So place your order in any of the online platforms to get the same smartphone at 4,000 INR less. Or else you can also check the features and specifications of LG G4 in stores and bring it home from there.

In the launch event of LG G4 its most extraordinary feature that is the camera of the phone was being displayed before the audience. The laser autofocus of the phone works well in low lit areas and lens of the camera became active immediately after touching the camera app of the phone. The steady 808 Snapdragon processor of the phone is also praiseworthy.

If you are looking for a smartphone that has exuberant style and has tremendous performance, then definitely LG G4 is your pick.

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