LG G4 Mini Might Be On Its Way As The Name of This Gadget Has Been Listed In Hungarian Vodafone Price List

LG G4, the flagship smartphone from the house of LG has been on the news for quite sometimes owing to its cool features and advanced specifications of the phone. In the meantime, we are also hearing rumors about LG releasing LG G4 Mini, which is the compact version of the same gadget.


Last year, along with LG G3, LG G3 S its compact version was released after a short interval. This year LG is planning to use the same name as that of its flagship phone and add a ‘Mini’ along with that to denote that it’s the compact version of the phone. Previously, we have heard news about LG developing a phone christened as LG G3C, which will be priced reasonably and come with some low end features. This gadget was expected to make its way in the month of June in Europe. However, now according to the latest news report from Hungary’s Vodafone price listing, we have tipped about the existence of LG G4 Mini.

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Reporters of GSM Arena first spotted that the mention of LG G4 Mini has been made in a Hungarian website, where they have sighted that they have seen the name of this gadget in Vodafone’s price list in the local division. However, this content was removed from the site after sometime and it was stated that this name was added to the website by mistake. However, the reporters of Tech2, the Hungarian website, have taken screen shot of the price listing Vodafone’s site which proves that this telecom company is getting ready for selling LG G4 Mini.

Vodafone has its network spread over a number of countries and this led us to presume that LG G4 Mini will be available in a number of countries across the globe. We are hoping that LG G4 Mini is going to make its way in June.

As far as the specifications of LG G4 Mini are concerned, rumor has it that it is going to come with easy to handle 5 inch screen having 720ppi screen resolution. Some reporters claim that the LG G4 Mini is going to be powered by a 64 bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor. However, there are also rumors about LG releasing LG G4C which is expected to come with lower specifications in comparison to the LG G4 Mini. LG G4C is rumored to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 SoC. We are not really sure whether LG G4 Mini and LG G4C are the same device or different products that LG has lined up for 2015 release. If they are same device, then reports have made wrong assumptions. But we must not forget that no official announcement has been made by LG till date with regard to the existence or release of LG G4 Mini. So take in all the information with a pinch of salt.

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