LG G4 Note Release Date, Features, Price, Specs and Review

It’s true that LG G3 was an excellent device with a high resolution. However we can’t help thinking about how the Korean manufacturer thinks of offering the latest G4. It’s time to consider the speculations that go about the latest flagship device.


Competition with iPhones and Galaxy Note series

Even before there is an official announcement from LG about the LG G4 Note, there have been a number of speculations making rounds about the latest flagship phone. Reports reveal that the South Korean manufacturer is aiming to enter the market of devices with big screen which is ruled by Samsung and Apple.

LG G4 Note release date

Even though LG remains mum about the upcoming device G4, Cho Ju-no, The Mobile Chief, LG had given a hint about it during the MWC or Mobile World Congress held this year about the possibility that the latest phone will have a huge screen. He also added that LG has plans to launch two premium phones in 2015 one during the third quarter and other one in second half later this year.

LG G4 Note features

The Electronics giant based in South Korea is also launching a brand new phablet which would be known as G4 Note says the Korea Herald sources. The report also stated that the Note will have a 3K display screen of 5.5 inch with a pixel density of 600 ppi along with a curvy design. Not much is revealed about the phablet’s specifications as of now. However, the device is expected to pack all the features that are features in the latest Smartphone LG G4.

LG G4 Note specifications

The sources also say that the latest G4 Note will have the power of Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor (64 bit) and the Android 5.0 Lollipop would run it. In addition, it would have microSD card extendable up to 128 GB and a RAM of 3 GB while housing a battery of 3500 mAh.

LG G4 Note camera

It is also said to arrive with a main camera of 17 MP or 20 MP, a snapper on the front and a scanner for fingerprints.

LG G4 Note Price

Though there are no updates about the price of this upcoming phablet, we can expect it be slightly higher than the latest Smartphone.

Though these features of the upcoming flagships phone are highly speculative, it can be considered as a hint of what it might have while it is launched officially. One can also be sure that the LG G4 Note will not be loaded with inferior features when compared to its Smartphones. In fact it would surely have some enhanced features similar to the Note series from Samsung.

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