LG G4 Pro with 4 GB RAM and 27 MP Camera Surface on Internet

Speculations and Leaks about Flagship smartphones will super high specs are always hot and trending. If you think the next iteration of iPhone is the next big thing in 2015 smartphone market, think again.

lg g4 pro

We have received a second hand information on LG launching its next flagship smartphone, allegedly named LG G4 Pro in the fall, this year. While there have been many speculations on the same, the most recent and fresh news about LG G4 is that it will have a build made of Uni-body Metal, supposedly Aluminum, to make it light weight.

A post on Chinese social media giant Weibo says that LG G4 Pro will rock a 5.8-inch Quad HD display with 1440 x 2560 resolution, which is current on Samsung Galaxy S6. The device will be powered by 2nd Generation Snapdragon 820 SoC chip supported by a whooping 4 GB of RAM.

LG G4 Pro will also feature a gigantic 27 MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera for selfies, a camera of that mega pixel has only been done by Sony and Nokia earlier. If not more, the camera itself could be its huge selling factor, prima facie during its launch.

The device could have a 32 and 64 GB internal flash storage with no external storage support. Moreover, despite every other feature could just be a speculation, we can confirm that it will have a Full Metal Body.

Will you wait for LG G4 Pro model to launch in fall, probably October, or will you be going for the current LG G4? If you are going to skip buying the current version of this flagship device by reading the specs above, let us tell you, they are speculations and rumors, not supported officially.

If you have any tips on the leaks and further speculations on this incredibly sounding device, don’t forget to give us a heads-up using the contact form.

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