LG G4 Release Date Confirmed, Device Might Have 3K Display

LG has now accepted that it faced an issue with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor when it tested it on one of its upcoming Smartphone, LG G2 Flex and stated that the issue is now taken care of. This indicated that the release of its latest flagship mobile phone LG G4 might not be delayed.

LG-G4-release date

Reports that surfaced earlier stated the South Korean manufacturer might have plans to delay the debut of LG G4 as it faced an issue with the Snapdragon 810 processor while testing with LG G Flex 2 which was expected to power the next generation flagship mode.

Earlier the Korean electronics giant denied the news that it had issues with the Qualcomm processor but now it has accepted that it face the issue when addressing the press during the Q4 2014 earnings meet, says the report of ZDNet. It also said that the issue has been taken care and the release of both LG G4 and LG G2 Flex would be right on time.

Though many reports that arrived earlier stated that the launch of LG G4 might be during the MWC or Mobile World Congress which is to be held during the March month this year, it looks like the devices might be launched by the month of May.

The Smartphone is all set to arrive with the much said Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 along with a memory of 3GB RAM and a stunning picture resolution of 5312 X 2988 p. Rumors state that the G4 would have a Corning Gorilla glass or a sapphire crystal glass and a battery of 3500 mAH. Reports also reveal that G4 arrives in two different models with one having a RAM of 3GB while the other would be packed with 32 GB. It also states that LG G4 would arrive with a 3K display as the user agent profile screen shot shows a screen resolution bump when compared to LG G3.

The document which was leaked shows the latest handset from LG has a model number of LG VS999 that adorns an eye grabbing screen resolution that supports 2880 X 1440 p. The LG G3 Verizon has a model number LG VS985 which shows that we are having a look at its upcoming sibling.

The rumors suspect that LG G4 reports that were leaked few weeks back with H810 model no. (AT&T) has a display of 2560 X 1440 display. This can mean that the model might be more impressive than its counterparts in the market. However this is not a surprising feature as Verizon is known to launch an array of Smartphones with amazing specifications in the past.

Rumors also speculate that LG G4 would include a 5.5 inch display and 16 Mp camera.

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