LG G4 S Rumored to be Next Flagship Variant

Hey! Time to cheer up for all LG smartphone fans out there, as the tech giant is in the news again. This time, it’s due to possible launch of LG G4 S. The flagship device LG G4 has just got launched after enjoying the world of rumors and speculations for many months. Surprisingly, the launch has got followed with rumors claiming the possibility of LG G4 S to work out as next flagship variant. It seems as the ongoing time period is meant to work as golden for LG.

Lg g4 s release date, price, features

LG G4 S Naming 

The name of alleged device gives you smell of something? Smell of competition, right? This naming ‘pattern’ is followed by Apple. Needless to mention, that the said company launches variant of its flagship device with suffix ‘S’. The latest leak suggests that LG will follow the same. But, one catch here is with placing of word ‘S’. While Apple attaches the ‘S’ with version number. A space is left by LG. Anyways; this little tweak in naming pattern does not hide the intentions of LG. They are quite apparent. Apple has got yet another serious competitor.

LG G4 S Features

What’s get quite clear from the leaks is that the device in talk is not going to come up with any improvement whatsoever. So, just forget about comparing its features with flagship LG G4. But, fortunately, as per the leaks, the device is packed with better features as compared to LG G4c. Betterment lies in the display as well as the performance part.

The leak working as base of this eye-catching, pleasuring possibility is Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru, a Russian tech website. If we take the leak anything to go with, the device looks exactly like the standard model. As per tipster, the LG G4 S will come up with 8MP Primary Camera that will have impressive features in it like laser auto-focus and dual-LED flash. 1.5GHz Octa-core processor in the device will offer a nice user-experience.

Going ahead with the report, it’s said that the LG G4 S will have 5-inch 1,080p display. So, it’s yet another downgraded part of the smartphone. To remind you, LG G4 has 5.5-inch screen that offers whooping 2,560×1, 440 pixels dimensions. What’s pleasuring is that the flagship variant will have LG G4 styling.

LG G4 S Release Date and Price

There are no words regarding when this device could get launched by the company. Main flagship device is shining on the shelves already and many out of you might have spent money on it as well. LG recently launched two variants of the device. So, LG G4 S is going to be yet another variant of LG G4. Since the specs are going to be of low-end as compared to the flagship devices, so price tag will also be quite cheap. Exact figures’ info is yet to roll over the pages of web. So, be patient! download Kik for PC and use Kik App on your PC

What’s your take on this next variant of flagship device? Is Apple-style naming going to help in any way? Can LG be tough rival for Apple? Drop views in the comment section.

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