Is LG G4 is stealing the place of Galaxy Note 4

There is a rumor about LG G4 will give tough competition to Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as it is equipped  with the stylus.

Well, this will be revealed with the release of G4. It is most probably going to release in the middle of 2015. Until we are, busy in focusing on scoops and tantrums.

Is LG G4 is stealing the place of Galaxy Note 4

LG G4 Display

The 5.3” display and QHD resolution with narrow bezels is its turning head features. Its screen size is 5.7 inch and LG is more interested in working on its display. The density of its screen is 3840 * 2160.

Its Features

G4 must be coming with more features and the detailing design and there is also feature which is good for  index figure. The eye or retina scanner is very promising feature but it will still be implemented in the android or nor, difficult to say.

Operating System

Optimus UI version of Android 5.0 Lollipop will be running in its operating system.

Samsung is ahead in having a feature of eye scanner but LG G4 will target the same feature soon. G4 is as appealing as it is coming up with bloatware software, which will be pre-installed in your smartphones.

As you, it is not easy to remove any pre-installed apps from your mobile. The tough process always irksome.

LG G4 Release Date

It takes time to see LG G4 before May 2015. The prediction of the earlier launches is giving the vive that it will be launched in Sept along with the flagship.

If you will take a look at its specs then you will find out that with every launch it is upgrading its phone. See below:

  • CPU- Its snapdragon is 810/ 808 with 3 GHz. Its RAM is ¾ GB.
  • Internal memory- It has 32GB with expanded memory of 64 GB along with micro SD
  • Battery- Its battery backup is 3500 to 4000 mAh.
  • Camera- It has back and front camera 16MP and 5.1 MP respectively.
  • Connectivity- HSPA, 4G, NFC and Bluetooth 4.0.

It is also true that Snapdragon 810 processor is appearing on flagships of 2015. There are many more specs on phone but still fishy about it before its release. The back button will be good and comfortable in using whereas Samsung is having no such impressive thing.

Now just wait for the release whole confusion will turn into conclusion.

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