LG G4 will be Offered by All Major US Carriers from the Beginning of June

Brace yourselves Android users. T-Mobile is bringing LG G4 uncarrier for you. The phone will be priced at $599.76. The buyers will pay $0 down payment and a monthly payment of $24.99. The phone will be available in two colors – metallic gray and brown leather.


In case you don’t know what the phrase “uncarrier” means, it’s an exclusive offering by T-Mobile. The uncarrier package frees users from contracts. It allows the existing customers to end their contracts or exchange their devices without entering into a commitment that’d span over two long years. No contract implies the user won’t have to pay any termination fee.

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There’s a catch however; you’ll either buy the device straightway paying its full cost or you’ll enter into T-Mobile’s installment plan, which requires you to pay a down payment between $0 and $99 and a monthly sum of $30/month. T-Mobile hasn’t launched its 4G LTE completely, right now the company’s focus is on its HSPA+ and LTE enabled Dual 4G and through the uncarrier strategy, LG can market it.

As for the competing carriers, they’ll begin selling G4 too. Sprint Nextel will start to sell G4 from next week, black leather will be the only one color option. Another carrier Sprint Nextel will start selling G4 from June 4.

AT&T will begin the pre-sales of G4 from May 29 morning. It will take a week for AT&T to have in-store availability. Like T-Mobile, AT&T will also offer the device at a no-contract basis. The price will be a bit more for the users as they’d have to shell out $629.99 outright for G4. The device will be offered in two variants; the black leather variant will cost $669.99 outright and $239.99 for a two-year contract.

No matter which carrier you choose, you’d get an edge if you buy/place the order early. Your best bet is to buy early and in-store because placing the order online is easy and once the carrier has in-store availability, you’ll be given priority as a customer. In fact, T-Mobile has already announced that online orders will be immediately shipped.

If you love a device with visual appeal, then you can go for the exclusive Ceramic White phone with 3D patterns. Though the full retail price of the device is $549.99, it’s available at contract. You’d have to pay a monthly sum of $22.91 for two years. Other than the ceramic white, metallic and black leather are two color options.

Along with the device, LG is also offering promotions. One of them is offering the customer a free 32GB microSD card, additional battery and charging cradle.

The offer made by Sprint is quite similar to that by T-Mobile, only Sprint allows customers to go for a contract. Customers will either play $50 less than the retail price of the device, which is $600, or $0 down payment and $24/month for two years.

As you can see, you have plenty of options as a customer. Hence, take your time and decide which model will suit your budget and whether you want to go for on-contract, outright payment or the uncarrier package.

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