LG H810 With QHD Leaked: Will LG G4 be ready for Mobile World Congress?

While the mobile phone experts and Smartphone loving crowd are awaiting the art piece from the reputed brand, LG which is the G Flex2 with a curve, it looks like the techies at the company are not taking a break from their work. The technical team at LG is already dealing with the work of its successor, LG G3. Based on the User Agent Profile, we can know that the latest model of the Korean electronics is bestowed with a model name, which is LG H810.

lg g4-leaks

This brand new Smartphone is bestowed with LG H810, its internal model number which is supposed top be the much touted LG G4 that is said to be the AT&T version (carrier specific). It also has the power of Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor like its predecessor G Flex 2 which was launched just last week at the CES. This successor of LG G3 which would be known as LG G4 would arrive with a 16 MP camera with wide angle at the rear. It looks like the phone would also support a QHD display with a resolution of 1440 X 2560 p and we also hope that this mobile phone of next generation would also sport a laser auto focus feature. When compared to the 13 MP camera we had in LG G3, the new phone has an improved camera. However, we did not expect LG to have a low resolution packed in its upcoming Smartphone anyway.

While arriving at a conclusion after taking the previous news leaks in to consideration, we feel that the new LG G4 would have a lower screen size which can be around 5.3 inches as the newbie, G Flex2 is bestowed with 5.5 inch screen. As Snapdragon 810 with a RAM of 4 GB, it is clear that the latest flagship G4 would not be far behind. Though the news about 16 MP camera is confirmed, I feel that addition of a stylus would make this Smartphone face its rival Samsung with new found confidence and even put a stop to its monopoly in the market. Being equipped with the 810 Qualcomm processor, I feel that the LG G4 can be a steady competitor for other Smartphones in the market with similar potential like Sony Xperia Z4, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Xiomi Mi Note Pro.

It would not be a surprise to us if LG decides to introduce its LG G4 formally at the MWC or Mobile World Congress which would be held in a couple of months this year. Though we know that it has not been a year after the debut of GS, LG did not follow one year wait to introduce G3 after G2. Hence, there is a chance for LG to involve in a swift paced release cycle. If our calculations prove right, LG would have plans to release its latest flagship mobile phone, LG G4 during this March at the MWC along with the flagship mobiles of Samsung and HTC. However we might have to wait patiently until March to see whether the G4 would have an Octa core chip of 64 bit inside it.

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