LG makes a mention of G4 at CES 2015 before unveiling it officially

It’s true that we all know that LG would replace its G3 with its predecessor G4 at some point of time this year. The Korean manufacturer has shocked all by mentioning about its gadget in the pipeline, G4 much ahead of its unveiling, at the CES 2015. This is the first official mention about the upcoming mobile phone by LG. With this announcement, LG has clearly gained a winning point against its rivals in the industry even before making an official launch at the Consumer Electronics Show held at Las Vegas.


The arch rival of Samsung let the name of G4 slip when the team of TrustedReviews approached Mr. Ken Hong, The Director of Corporate Communications, LG to ask about the handset which would be replacing their LG G3. During the chat Mr. Hong name dropped G4 and also added that their next flagship handset would be called by some other name. However the impressive part about the conversation was that he said that his company LG has plans to introduce G4. This might even be a step by LG to grab the attention of buyers regarding their upcoming mobile phones. And it is true that the company is all set to experiment with their high end handset, G4.

Mr. Hong was also quick to add that they wanted to offer a phone with exceptional specifications because he felt that their competitors are also offering handsets with similar specifications. So, LG wanted their mobile phones to stand out in the crowd and also realize that it is not possible if they don’t bestow their devices with specifications that are very different. He also added that they are not ready to expect handset lovers to go crazy over their G4 mobile or the one with any other name just because they loved its predecessor G3. He also conveyed that buyers are not very loyal when it is about choosing iOS for their Android phones and hence they needed to go the extra mile to win each and every buyer for their mobile phones.

In spite of mentioning G4, LG has not revealed further information formally about what it would be equipped with. Some sources have leaked that the mobile would have the power of Snapdragon 810 processor of 64 bit just like its brand new G Flex 2 along with enhanced camera specifications. Who knows, it might even have a curve like the G Flex or redesigned buttons at the rear. Recent reports also state that we have to wait for the official launch of the G4 until the second quarter of 2015.

Sure, we went gaga over LG G2 and LG G3 devices and also think that the GPro 2 was equally good too. But this doesn’t guarantee that we will love the G4 too if they assume us to. However, looking at Mr. Hong’s statement we hope that LG will do everything to convince us to make it gain an upper hand in the realm of Androids with its new flagship mobile phone.

So, as of now we just have to wait, wait and wait for the LG G4!

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