Playstation 5 Pegged To Sport an 8-teraflop GPU to Supoort 4K Gaming.

Sony has been the top dog in the world of gaming consoles for quite a long time now and the consumer electronics company’s Playstation line-up has been a part of a revolution in the gaming world. Since the first console which was rolled out by Sony back in 1994. And the console has come a long way in 23 years and gaming experience on of the newer versions rolled out is an individual experience altogether. PS5 vs Xbox 2


Sony’s next venture, the Playstation 5 is yet another much-awaited console which is actually quite far off from being made available. The Playstation 4 and its recently released premium variant, the Playstation 4 Pro have been much appreciated products in the market on account of its high-end gaming performances as well as additional technologies incorporated such as VR technology, courtesy Sony’s exclusive headset, the Playstation VR.

One striking piece of technology at large right now Is 4K and the biggest tech companies in the world are striving constantly to bring 4K support to their devices and Sony is in no way different. The Playstation 4 Pro offers 4K and high-dynamic range (HDR) support for select games and even has a 4K interface owing to its superiority over the base PS4 in terms of technical specifications. However, while the system has the 4K tag attached, it’s not capable of delivering games in native 4K. Sony uses what it calls Checkerboard rendering to upscale a 1080p image to 4K but these seems to call for a permanent change in Sony’s next which is hailed to be a predominant 4K gaming console.

Mark Cerny, lead system architect at Sony, said in an interview with Japanese website AV Tech, reported by WCCF Tech, that 8-teraflops of GPU power is the least needed for games to run at 4K. Whether it was a shot taken at the Xbox Project Scorpio or not, we won’t be able to confirm but what we know for a fact here is that the Playstation 5 is definitely poised to be rolled out with more than 8 teraflops of GPU power. The vamp up will be a significant one considering the fact that the latest PS4 Pro was launched with 4.2 teraflops of GPU power.

Slated to be significantly more powerful than any other console before it, the PS5 is just in the making for now and it might be a considerable period of time before we can lay our hands on any significant information related to this high end console from Sony.

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