Should You Select Samsung Galaxy S6 or G4 from LG?

The market is ripe with phones, and you want to grab one. Very nice, have you decided which one you are going to buy? Is it going to be a high-end phone or a low-cost one? In case you want to go for an expensive phone, the market has plenty of options for you. Two such options are LG G4 and Galaxy S6 by Samsung.


If you have been closely observing the latest developments in the hand-held device segment, you’d be knowing both are hottest devices. Now let’s come to the question, which one should be your pick.

G4, the flagship phone by LG is about to poke its face out. All major US carriers have announced their plans of launching the device – the launch will begin from the first week of June. Early pre-order means immediate shipping. Shortly after its US launch, G4 will be rolled out globally.

As for Galaxy S6 by Samsung, it’s a fabulous device. The screen size of the phone is the only area where you’d have to settle for less than perfect. The camera and the display, two USPs of a phone are stupendous. The phone has a whopping 16MP rear camera and a display of 1440 x 2560 pixels with pixel density being 577, which is well-above the retina density.

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It’s indeed a tough decision to make but we can offer some help by comparing the two devices. You may have come across such comparisons before, but this time, it’s going to affect your buying decision.

Leather as material

If the build material fascinates you, at least if it influences you to buy a phone, then you have reasons to feel skewed to G4. When most device makers in the market are going for metal chassis or a glass feel, LG is bringing leatherback variants of G4. You’d have to shell out an extra $100, but you’ll get what you are paying money for. Besides leather on Smartphones stands as a style statement, which means by investing in G4, you’ll grab yourself a phone with a premium feel.

An unconventional shape

It’s true that previous installments of Galaxy S and Note series displayed futuristic shape. But LG is not too far behind Samsung on this. Its G Flex 2 came with an unorthodox shape. G4 will display a similar shape, but it won’t be too unorthodox, which means you could flaunt the device without being labelled as weird.

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Screen size

Everyone these days wants to hold a device that has a large screen. As we’ve mentioned it already, the screen size of Galaxy S6 is Samsung’s bad. G4, on the other hand, has a 5.5-inch screen and a screen-to-body ratio of 72.46%. So if you want a considerably large screen, go for G4.

Storage option

If you want better storage, then pick G4. Perhaps the biggest weakness of Galaxy S6 is the lack of card slot. You can have a 128GB variant of S6, but not without shelling out an extra $100. Why would you do that when LG is offering free storage options with G4 as a promotional offer?

Additional battery

The battery of S6 is non-removable and it has pissed many. If you like flexibility and want a device with removable battery, then it’s G4 that suits you.

Your buying decision won’t change, but will probably be influenced by our comparison of the two devices. So read all the points above carefully and make an informed buying decision.

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